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   About Us...................The Carnival Babies Story



The Carnival Babies team strongly believes that mixing Education with Culture will positively influence the youths of today, who are the adults of tomorrow.

To host a successful, memorable and enjoyable costume parade for the children at approved carnival events. There is no greater satisfaction than to watch the children enjoy themselves on parade.

To educate children on the culture of carnival, in the form of workshops for youth groups and underprivileged children in Trinidad and Tobago between the ages of 5 and 16 years old, giving them the opportunity to learn handicraft and the art in making carnival costumes. The program also gives the children a chance to experience / play Mas for carnival, where they will be able to show off their presentation on the 3 consecutive weekends before the carnival celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago. Workshops have been conducted with the Carapo Police Youth Group from Arima.

To encourage section individuals to enter various competitions thereby developing their social and competitive skills within the culture.

To provide an opportunity for the less fortunate to participate in the culture. Places within the band would be reserved for children from charities and homes for underprivileged.

To provide affordable costumes.

THE DESIGNER - Lisa Durity-Mollineau  

In 1990, Lisa Mollineau started on her Carnival/Artistic career making costumes for a well known Children's Bandleader Rosalind Gabriel from 1990-2000.  During this period she also worked for Peter Minshall, Barbarossa and Legends (now disbanded).

Some of her credits at that time included:-

  • Miss Teen Trinidad and Tobago, best costume

  • Little Misses of Trinidad and Tobago, best gown title for the years 1997 and 1998

  • Miss Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Queen Show, best gown title for the years 1993-1997

  • Female Individual of the year Miami Carnival 1999 - The Huntress portrayed by Lisa Mollineau.

  • In the year 2001, Carnival Players - A Children's Band was formed between partners Lisa Mollineau and Dune Ali. 

  • This partnership ended in 2010, when Lisa took the bold step to design and produce her own children's band under the name of "Carnival Babies".

Lisa’s track record thus far is as follows:-




The Man behind the carnival frames - Wire Bender - Artist Stephen Derek

(Stephen Derek passed in October 2016)
May he rest in peace

Born in Woodbrook, Stephen Derek mastered the traditional skills of Mas making from Wire bending to Moulding, Carving, Cane work, Crafts.  He spent his boyhood days following the legendary Masman George Bailey and brothers Alvin (deceased) and Albert Bailey, watching and learning the art of Mas making. Stephen is a walking encyclopaedia of information on the Culture of Trinidad (Mas).  He started playing Mas at the age of and in 1978 brought out his own band  with the portrayal ‘D’ Midas Touch’, that year he played King for his band and placed 3rd on Final night Dimanche Gras in a costume named King Midas and D’ Golden Swan.  From then the band took the name D’ Midas Associates with their Costumes and Presentations easily identified by the trademark D’ at the start of their names.

 Many found his designs and costumes could be compared to his mentor George Bailey. Stephen puts a lot of emphasis on detail.  He would have you redo work not considered neat, believing costumes should not be falling apart on the road. 

 Having established himself in Trinidad Carnival, Stephen started taking his talents to Carnivals which stated on other Caribbean islands, then further afield as his talent was being recognised by foreigners during our Carnival. D’Midas went International with Headquarters in New York, Boston and Canada. He has done work in St Thomas, Tortola, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent, New York, Boston, California, Canada, The United Kingdom and Africa to name a few.

 In 1972 he was awarded the Hummingbird Medal (Silver) for his contribution to Culture.



Carnival Babies has been a dream of Lisa Mollineau (Designer / Band Leader's). It became a reality with the encouragement from family, friends and well wishers. Thus the formation of Our Team, a group of dedicated, dynamic and diverse people from throughout Trinidad & Tobago. The Carnival Babies Team believes that participation in this educational introduction to the cultural traditions of Mas making is a positive influence on the youth.

To create a WOW experience for our youths while educating them in the cultural art of Mas

Our Mission is to educate youths using the cultural media of Mas making.

CARNIVAL BABIES TEAM is committed to deliver, enhance, promote and educate the youths of Trinidad and Tobago on one of our richest cultures – CARNIVAL




A special thank you to our Masqueraders, Sponsors, Friends and Families for their support in our
 2017 Presentation "D'FASHIONISTA". 
We could not have done it without you.