2014 Presentation!!!



Welcome To Carnival Babies!

Thank you for being part of the Carnival Babies Family.  Stay posted for further updates or call 763-1330, 681-8254

Congratulations on Carnival Babies success in 2013 with "Shape it Up"

Could not have done it without you, our masqueraders, sponsors and friends...

2nd in NCBA large band of the Year

2nd place NCBA designer award

1st place Original and 1st place Spirit of Carnival in the large band category

2nd place large band of the Year in Red Cross Kiddies Carnival 1st place Large band of the Year Downtown Carnival (this year the band made a Hat-trick),

1st place Band of the Year Uptown Carnival competition

2nd place Large Band of the Year St James Carnival

2nd Place Large Band of the Year South POS Carnival

1st Place Individual of the Year South POS Carnival.